#SAC2015 Judges

26 Feb, by Kai Keong in Uncategorized, Keine Kommentare

ingriIngri M. Johnsen – A Norwegian coffee extremist who has worked with several top brands of specialty coffee in Oslo for the past seven years. Aeropress queen of the world since her 2nd place in the World Aeropress Championship 2012. Co Founder of Kaffikaze and The Mile High Aeropress Club. She has competed and judged numerous coffee competitions including coffee roasting in 2014. She was also Head Judge at the Japanese Aeropress Championship 2013.

mathiasMathias Bühler – A Swiss trained chef with passion for aromas and flavors. Loves a good glass of red wine and is definitely not averse to a good grappa. He could spend the whole year on culinary trips and food has a high priority for him. As an independent cuisinier with the age of 21 years he made his first contact with coffee. After participating in the Barista Championships in 2008 (won it in 2010) he was fully into coffee. He works for Rogalla Dalla Corte and two time winner of the Swiss Cup Tasting Competition (2014 and 2015).

mansMåns Akne Andersson – Roaster from Sweden who has been working with coffee for seven years in roasters all around Europe. Currently living in Oslo, and moved there from London three years ago to work as head roaster at Tim Wendelboe. Måns is now Manager of Barista School Norway, working as a coffee consultant. He has judging experience from different coffee competitions and was Head Judge in the Swedish Aeropress Championship 2014.